Our family car

My name is Andrew Daily. In 1980 all of my family was either killed or crippled by a drunk driver when I was two years old. It changed my life forever.

We were driving home from a family vacation on Mother’s Day on the interstate when we were hit.The drunk driver was so intoxicated he was driving in the wrong lane facing oncoming traffic. My father had no time to get out of the way.

He moved the car in such a way where he took the brunt of the impact. It was a miracle any of us survived. That one moment took my father away before I got to know him. His parents passed away covering me. That one moment changed everything.

What was left of my family never fully recovered. Mom died and came back at the scene of the wreck. She had a large portion of her foot ripped away. My grandmother had to go through multiple surgeries to recover. My mother would tell me stories about the days after she came home from the hospital while she was still in her cast. She could not drive from the cast so she could not get food at times. She struggled just to do basic chores.

The depression and nightmares were so horrific she would scream or cry for days. It started ripples in our lives that brought more problems. The anger, bitterness, sadness. Words do not do it justice. Over a short period of time it reached into my life.

We had help at first but over time it goes away. Without support and ways to recover the problems stay. Some get worse. I do not want others to suffer the way my family suffered. I want to help ease the burdens and pain.

The Daily Foundation was formed to help those who are in need.

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