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The Daily Foundation has been working in several communities in and around Arizona, helping families that have been affected by drunk or impaired drivers.

One of the first people that we met, faced not only having the burden of having his mother taken from him in a crash and had to deal with everything that followed. He and his friend Jay had to make some tough choices. They needed to go to his mother’s apartment and get all her belongings out in few days or he would lose everything. A lifetime of precious memories, without money, without hope, no car and the apartment was a two hour drive, each way.

After hearing about this, the foundation was able to help. We rented a trailer and used our personal vehicle to help them move. The young man fought past his pain and bravely faced what was ahead. Over the next 5 days the Daily Foundation worked alongside of them to clean and pack the entire apartment.

When your whole family is taken from you, the items they held close often take on a new importance and meaning. Simple objects can become a symbol of hope, love, and family. This young man and his friend were so inspired by this experience that they offered to help the Daily Foundation with another family in need.

The foundation met a sweet lady in her early eighties who had her daughter and grandchild taken from her in a head on collision with a drunk driver. We found out that she had been trying to put a roadside marker and memorial up to honor her daughter and granddaughter. She had been working to get this done for over a month even trying to hire people but having no success. She simply wanted a small memorial so her family wouldn’t be forgotten. She explained how this was a big burden on her and she was worried it would never happen. The Daily Foundation said we would love to help. Turns out Jay is a talented artist. He volunteered his time built a wonderful roadside memorial and dedication to this lady’s family. When she saw the memorial, she was in tears. The foundation was in the right place at the right time. God connects people in his perfect timing.

Another family needed assistance after being hit by a drunk driver that destroyed their car. It left them devastated with three family members disabled. They had to have multiple surgeries and had many doctors’ appointments that were over an hour from where they lived.
The medical bills were piling up and the family was falling behind on everything. The foundation worked closely with this family over the next month making sure they made all their doctors’ appointments as well as their physical therapy. We made sure they had groceries, assisted in picking up their medications, and delivered a hospital bed to them.
In memory of Joyce Daily (Mother of Founder Andrew Daily) the foundation donated her vehicle to the family to help them make their appointments and do the things they needed to get back on their feet.

Everyone is affected differently by drunk, or impaired driving but we are all connected. The Daily Foundation is built on a network of caring like-minded people that want to help and support those in need.
With your help and support the Daily Foundation can continue to aid and assist those in need. We are very grateful for all your help and support.

The Daily Foundation – We Change Lives.